I Tried to Cover the Secret Koch Retreat and Here’s What They Did to Me

Co-written with Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media & Democracy The Koch brothers’ donor retreats are notoriously secretive affairs, but after my publishing of several hours of audio from their 2014 summer confab, the network began to bring select journalists behind its closed doors. With strings attached. Six media outlets gained access… Continue Reading

God Told This Congressman to Preach

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX 11) spoke on a House Prayer Caucus Foundation teleconference about his calling to use his governmental position and his new opportunities as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee to preach the word of God.

Welcome to The Undercurrent

This website has been a long time coming and is clearly a work in progress. Please bear with me, as I am learning how to design this as I go! I am reporting on the 2016 winter Koch brothers donor retreat from outside Palm Springs, and wrote this story¬†about my treatment by Koch security for… Continue Reading